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firestar server: predicting functional residues from structural templates and alignment reliability

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firestar [1,2] predicts functionally important residues. Predictions are made by evaluating internally generated alignments using SQUARE.

  • firestar runs HHsearch[3] and PSI-BLAST[4] to generate alignments.
  • Profiles are generated from a local 70% non-redundant database.
  • Alignments are generated between the target sequences and FireDB[5] templates.
  • Users may specify the e-value cut-off for the final round of the PSI-BLAST search - the default value (10) is intentionally high to mine the functional information in distantly related proteins.
  • A batch mode is available, please see the online help for more information.

firecat: alignment tool for firestar server

Template PDB code:(e.g. "1q6u")  Chain id:(e.g. "A")

The reliability of the predictions is sensitive to alignment quality and automatically generated alignments may not be the optimal alignments. This tool allows users to paste their own pairwise query-template alignments.

Note that template sequence may be corrected if the sequence does not match with the one stored in the FireDB database.

More information about this tool in the online help page.

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Scientific support:, Gonzalo Lopez